This site is hosted by Deepa & Seejo, we are Indians currently living in US. Finebalance.net is our way to share some of our pursuits with people who are interested. Between us, we have some common interests and some really divergent ones. Like our tagline says our life is all about balancing those differences. Within these pages you will find some of the places we have travelled to since 2000, (mostly) Seejo's experiments with photography and Deepa's random scribbles. If you are interested in knowing more about us, follow the links at the sidebar. This site is jointly maintained by us though Deepa updates more regularly and Seejo provides technical assistance.


About Deepa

Feminist. Atheist. Biomedical Engineer. Foodie. Talkative Likes travel, good debates, writing & reading almost anything she can lay her hands on.


About Seejo

Man of few words. Seejo enjoys travel, photography and tennis.














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