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Not much to report from the Virginian Front..Was a particularly hectic week with horrible assignments (the prof finally said yeah they were too tough!!) But mails are supposed to be entertaining so this is the next topic i am going to write about…

As i said in my earlier mails one of the things i miss most about bbay is missing the local slang!! No jhols, no locha, no lafda and no raada here…!!! But thanks to the Indian community out here…I have managed to pick up a few other slangs…notably the IIT ones!!!! ok here goes..!! Barrons ishtyle

PSI-—pehchanne se inkaar—-kya yaar! main kitne der tak vahan khada tha…dono ne mujhe solid PSI mara..jaise mein hoon hi nahi!!

froos– short for frustrated..typical iit …the non iiitians generally say..frustu..seems like sab IIT ladke solid life se froos hai!!

Sutta…I didn’t know this before ..(How could i not!!) Cigarette!!

Peace hai...Not like war or something generally means manageable…as in BMI bahut hi peace hai yaar.sab kiya hua hai,, par DSP ke liye solid fight maarna padta hai!

chummachaati..which i think i don’t need to explain!

halu: This one sure had me halu when i heard it fro the first time …it means confused .I guess the etymological derivation is from the English Word Hallucinated

Some pune slangs…used in Hindi..

Gochi...I hear that a million times from Vrushali..We never really used it though did we?! We preferred locha i guess!!

Gandaya hai…No no no its not that dirty as the name means fassana ya mama banana.

First Visit to Washington DC

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Just to describe this weekend! Classes began on Thursday and it was hectic..DSP was pathetic…this guy comes and starts writing all the formulas of FFT and DFT and convolution : everything Bijith ( my undergraduate signal processing prof) taught in the entire sem on the board and said just “i am sure you know all this”! Meri to fat gayi! Physio seems ok but unfortunately more to the BCS side of it and BMI lectures seem to be quite simple: although the pracs are not easy! We started Matlab today and Vrushali and I were the last ppl to leave the lab! and the worst thing is editing the whole stuff you have written!! anyway they promise to be tough and I am in for a rough time!!!

Seejo drove me to my cousin’s place at DC this weekend. He was visitng his cousins who stay nearby. That evening we (my cousins) went to see the Great Falls on the Maryland Virginia Border.A small waterfall like thing on the Potomac river …it looks very beautiful .. The next morning all of us ( my cousins and Seejo too) went to see Washington DC. Somehow DC reminded me of Delhi..May be all capitals are alike in some manner..Its full of monuments and memorials..Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt, Vietnam war, Korean war etc etc…All of them are splendid and well maintained! And the walk by the Potomac river was really pleasant!  The problem was that it so difficult to get parking space that we had to walk a lot and we got really tired.. We saw the White house and capitol from far….and many of the federal offices!! Then Washington has a lot of museums,probably the best thing about it…we could just go to one! I think it would take a whole day to cover each one separately! WE went to the AIR and SPACE museum…where we saw the machine that landed on the moon, a piece of moon rock, the American aircraft in which the first American guy space-walked and some show something like the planetarium show (IMAX Theatre) although in this it has a 3-d effect ..we feel like we are falling off and something like that.

Anyway the best thing was when we were returning ..our car broke down right in the middle of the highway opposite the White house and it was stuck..we couldn’t even move it to one side,,,To top it all it started raining , the visibility was low and there were people zooming behind us at high speeds who had to break suddenly when they saw our vehicle stuck in the middle of the road…Kya gaali suna…itne saalon mein nahi suna woh sab eksaath! Finally we called 911( we did it!!!! I never thought I could ever get a chance to do that :) ) and the police came to the rescue in just a minute ..real quick ..they jumpstarted the car and then we could move it to the side!! and then came home in the cab.

Today morning my cousins dropped me home to Charlottesville…it was a cool trip!