Annika’s Witty Gems

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awg4Annika was 27 months when we visited India in February.  She was looking forward to meeting “Ammamma”(my mother) and Daada-Daadi (Seejo’s dad & mom) again – who she knew are in India. Here are some gems from Annika during the course of our visit

Is India Done?

We stayed the first night of our visit with Seejo’s parents. The next morning, we set off to visit my mom along with a suitcase full of gifts for my relatives. Looking at both of us and our huge suitcase, Annika asks us “Is India Done?”. Continue Reading »


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IMG_7149I completed my self-assigned mini reading project last week. I had decided to read 4 books that describe India in a particular order one after the other.  Now that I have a proper commute to work, I have re-discovered the joy of reading while travelling. On a rare day with no traffic, my commute to work is about 50 minutes each way, of which 30 minutes is by  public  transport (bus or train or a combination of both).  On most days, I spend about an hour and a half on the bus and/or train.  And I spend that time catching up on all the books that I have wanted to read. I generally tend to read non-fiction books while travelling because of three reasons:

  1. It looks  far more impressive than reading the latest Harlequin romance.
  2. Given my need to read something I become a captive audience if I am caught in a bus or train with nothing else to read than the book I have in hand.  So when I have starting trouble with a particular book ( and they are mostly the non-fiction books), it is good idea to have them with me during my commute. Once I have started the book,  I mostly tend to finish the book.
  3. I have time to think through & examine my reactions if I read something particularly thought provoking.

My reading project consisted of the following 4 books: Continue Reading »