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This blog initially started as a collection of letters written  by me to my family and friends beginning in August of 2000 when I reached US for my graduate studies. It was uploaded to my website primarily to clear the “sent items” folder of my mailbox but it also served as an online repository of memories.

I still write emails. A few of them will eventually find their way on to this blog.

You are welcome to read through them but note that some of these may seem disconnected or irrelevant mainly due to haphazard editing to remove some personal details.

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  1. Ruby says

    It was fun catching up on your life over the last few years when we haven’t been in touch as much as we ought to be.

    Also enjoyed the blasts from the past…

    I too miss mumbai rains, RBI colony, glorious days of engineering struggles…

    Hope to come and visit you some time…dont know when

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