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Each week when I write the Books, Movies section I do feel I should write more than the one liner comment like Good ,UGH etc. But somehow that never materialises. But sometimes there are films that inspire you to write their review . Pyar Diwana Hota Hai was once such film. I just have to write down the story for you guys.

To lead to the actual movie, Atha and I went to the local Indian store to pick up any film. I knew there were no new films that I wanted to see anyway. We reached the Indian store and starting look at the now familiar rows of movie titles. Atha gave me a choice between Pyar Diwana Hota Hai and another Chunkey Pandey Neelam starrer called Kasam. I chose the lesser of the two evils. I noramlly enjoy Govinda films. They are mindless timepass and also there are some foot tapping dance numbers which make me feel nostalgic for aamchi mumbai. But having seen Govinda’s latest film Aamdanni Athanni Kharcha Rupiah, which left me totally disgusted , I was almost prepared for another of his total flops. But Pyar… actually left me dumbstruck!

Name: Pyar Diwana Hota Hai
Starring :Govinda, Rani Mukherjee,Om Puri,Apoorva Agnihotri, Dipak Tijori,Laxmikant Berde.

The movie starts (as does numerous films) with a poor gaav ka bhola bhala ladka travelling to the big bad shaher in search of naukri. It starts with a funny (funny as in funny peculiar) interlude in the train where the hero enters the ladies compartment by mistake and some of the “shaher ki ladkis” rag him. Probably to get the point across that he is a bhola bhala gaav ka chora.
Ok this BBGKC ends up in a swanky flat in Delhi with a couple of his friends (Dipak Tijori, Laxmikant Berde and Dev Anand look alike chap) who have no business other than being roadside romeos. Sundar (Chichi) is an artist who goes jobhunting and mercifully gets a job at the first place he seeks employment ( a first for Hindi cinema as well???) His job is to paint billboards with Johnny Lever (this time a a dandiya loving Gujju). At the same time he tries different tricks to pataav (somebody please tell these directors that asking the girls for the time is as passe as Govinda himself!) and finally ends up in the hospital with broken bones. In the hospital he realises that his friends are having fun at his expense cos he is a BBGKC.
Its almost 45 miutes since the movie satrted and there is no heroine till now. Atha is getting impatient..Rani mukherjee kahan hai. Enter Paayal who is (not again!!) an NRI kid come to India to do research on classical dances. This scene is particulary notable for the fact that at the arport we catch a glimpse of Lilliput (remember the dwarf in Dekh bhai dekh who goes “DEKHA”) and surrounding him are a bevy of girls performing bharatnatyam (why why why) Again to emphasize indian culture…. It is a random throaway scene probably to emphasize Indian dance. Lilliput doesn’t appear again—- thanks to a kind editor.

Now the story gets dumb and dumber…….
Sundar sees Paayal asking for directions The girl she asks turns out to be mute and shows the direction in actions. Sundar thinks that Paayal is deaf mute and repeats the action in sign language. So now Paayal thinks that Sundar is mute….. (is anybody with me????)

Ofcourse Paayal falls for the BBGKC . She also has a passion for helping the handicapped and a hatred for liars. Sundar is a hero in the eyes of his friends so he can’t tell her that he can talk . Also by the time he can tell she has proven her hatred for liars so he again can’t reveal the truth. Payal takes Sundar to a doc ( Om Puri …..How much did they pay you for this absurd role???) who advises speech therapy. Ofocurse that is only an excuse to break into a song

She :  Main samjhi tumko dumroo
To nikla fata hua dhol ( honest! These are the lyrics)
He: Ba ba ba ba

There are also several other songs ( which ar not that bad) espceially when the hero and heroine pop off to agra for every small reason. No wonder the authorities built a mental hosoptal in the city of the Taj! And ofcourse the NRI parents are happy that their America educated daughter des not want to marry smart rich Apoorva agnihotri ( looking constipated in the 5 scenes that he has) but is ready to marry a dumb billboard painter. On second thoughts it doesn’t matter….in a land where poor painters live in a mansion sab chalta hai!

A few songs later….friends have come around, he has become a famous painter (akhbaar pe naam aaya), but he is still being dumb( note for mute people…every word=ba ba ba ba ).And the end is spectacular. Ofcourse Paayal comes to know of his deception and storms off to confront Sundar. Only Sundar is missing and his friends tell her the truth and for a girl who is so passionate about the truth she changes her tune easily for she wants to hear Sundar say “who labz jise sunne ke bad koi ladki kuch aur sunna nahi chaahti”. Where could Sundar be?? Where else other than near the Taj Mahal….Paayal pleads with Sundar to say those three little words but no he remains dumb. Paayal cries pleads and begs forgiveness ( why why why again..i thought it was Sundar’s fault??)

Then suddenly…….flashback!!
Sundar cannot bear to lie to his beloved to off he goes to the doc and pleads with him to do an operation to make him permenantly dumb( yeh kaunsa operation hai bhai??) and then when refused prompty picks up a scissor and snips off his tongue. So now he is permenantly dumb. Paayal is so impressed with this that she falls at Sundar’s feet. Yehi hai sacha pyaar…..

And I was so impressed with it that I had to write this review……..

Govinda is as exotic as ever …red yellow purple pants come and go…
Dipak Tijori has no role but he does get to say the title of the movie once….
Laxmikant Berde and Johny Lever (mercifully always on the scaffolding) irritate…..
OmPuri and Apoorva Agnihotri ….please don’t do this to us…
Rani Mukherjee……don’t you see a movie after acting in it??

I am sorry I really have nothing to write……

Lord of the Rings.
Lord of the Rings ( No more reviews….)
Websites: (interesting and inforamtive) (intersting ,informative and funny!!)

Best of Times…..Worst of Times

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I don’t want to write what I did this week for the simple reason that I didn’t do anything other than routine chores. So I am going to talk about something else. This weekend is a long weekend here because on Monday the Americans celebrate Memorial Day. Memorial day is a day when Americans honor the people who died fighting the Civil war. I am not sure whether now the  ’honored’ people have extended to being war victims. Long weekends hold special charm for the Americans. Not that they don’t for Indians but we have so many more holidays. What I find funny about American holidays is that they shift around?..

What I mean is that most holidays, other than Christmas, New Years and July 4, always are celebrated on a Friday or a Monday so that there is a long weekend. So Memorial Day is not celebrated on 27 May but on the last Monday in the month of May!  But sometimes they take things too far.Like Washington’s Birthday is celebrated on 3rd Monday in February. It really doesn’t matter whether that actually falls on 22 February, which was his real birthday! But they changed the day to President?s day and continue to celebrate it ???

Well Indian festivals also change days but then they don’t follow such a logical approach? Remember the frustration when you realized that Diwali or Holi falls on a Sunday. Although American holidays are far less fun (other than the clearance sales held by the major super stores) they are far better structured.

And that gives me a topic for this email:

In one of the mails I had written when I first came to US I had listed the TOP 5 things I hate and love about America?.

That was when I just came to America and my favorite things consisted of the availability of fruit juice and the fact that there is unlimited Internet and automatic doors that open in front of you.  The things I deplored was the lack of newspapers and absence of mumbaiyya slang. Now that I am a veteran in America here is a fresh list

TOP 5 things I like about America

1.         Ease in travelling from one state to another. And the fact that you can afford it on even your student salary. And the fact  that you can even consider travelling to Europe.

2.            Research . You do feel that most of the work is unique and directly applicable to people.

3.             Food! Different cuisines aaccesible and affordable ( lets not consider the pounds that come along with it!)

4.            Attitude of people here . People are generally pleasant to you. Who doesn?t like a friendly smile? I like the fact that people  here treat all workers with respect. Like the waitors or the plumber or the bus drivers. How many of us wish our B.E.S.T driver a good day and thank you ( I guess they would yell at you saying ?bas zyaada shanpana nako karu?). I admire the don’t care attitude of the people here and the fact that they can switch anything from hairstyles to careers to life partners at any time.

5.         Natural beauty. It?s a huge country and hence encompasses a lot of geographical freatures . Canyons, mountains, forests, lakes, beaches… 4 distinct seasons and each of them is beautiful, the freshness of Spring, the colors in Fall, the snow covered landscape in winter and the pleasant warmth in summer. Obvioulsy I hate not having the rains..but one can’t have it all , can they?


1.      Terrible public transportation other than in major cities. A car is a must and the fact that I have seen the weirdest of accidents here (deers and numerous upturned vehicles doesn?t really make me feel thrilled about driving)

2.            Attitude of the people here. Excessive formality .  Very few people would take kindly to a just a drop in visit. And this sort of formality extends to work as well.  I mean a lot of thing depends on your presentation. Your matter may be zilch but half the battle is won if you have sugar coated it enough. Of course it wouldn’t work for ever?!! Also most Americans are pretty self-centered. I mean the average American does not think anything beyond their country. It is as though the world begins and ends with the boundaries of America.

3.            Weekend night activity . Have to say it. I am sure this is not true of a big city but one thing I really really dislike is how the whole place looks deserted at night.  Yesterday night , Atha and I thought of going for a walk at night…Atha is normally a cautious person and warned me against it. But I was reckless and insisted saying that after all there were two of us. But a few steps later I realized that both pedestrian and vehicular traffic were so scarce and it was far better to retrace our steps back home. Even in a small place like Charlottesville, we have to be wary of muggings and shootings. And try getting a midnight snack or go to a decent restaurant after 10 pm. I can’t make up my mind on what to eat and my stomach can’t start producing sufficient gastric juices till its past 10 and by that time all the restaurants have a big CLOSED sign on their doorstep

4.         The do it yourself attitude. It might be ideal or whatever but give me my kachrewali-bai who takes my trash out and the maid/manservant who sweeps the house and the dhobi who washes and irons my clothes.

5.         I hate the sight of old ladies who seem to need help even to stand trying to push these huge carts alone at the stores or the feeble grandmothers waiting to greet you at Wal-Mart ???(but perhaps that is a good thing that they can be independent even at that age??)


This is my observations after being in Charlottesville. People can agree or disagree.!!

Notice that I just mentioned what I like and dislike. I have tried not to compare the two countries ( other than the subconsious ones). I really didn?t want to say I like US because of its clean roads, when it is the same dirty bylanes that make me feel comfortable back home. I am not saying anything about the fact that I like the festivals at home and dislike its absence here. Or you can earn more money in US whilst you have your family in India. Those are obvious. Everybody knows that.


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