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Posted March 11th, 2006 by Deepa and filed in Personal
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Here is a teaser…

•  Is Pregnancy An Epidemic…

There was a week, sometime last month, when I had one or another friend calling me every single day to share the “good news”. This sudden urge to procreate among my friends got me thinking…Is there a bug going around this season…Is Pregnancy an epidemic….The clock ticks awfully loudly as you approach 30.

•  Will Deepa’s Apprentice Trump Donald’s….

I have been telling everybody that calls me as well, that we are expecting a “teesra” member in the family. No, I haven’t been bitten by the momma-bug but I have Seejo’s cousin staying with us for a couple of months. He is working as a temp in my office helping out with several routine actitvities. He gets an exposure to American lifestyle and work culture and I gain an apprentice.

•  The secret workings of corporate America …..

Don’t want to speak about work…but gosh have I learnt a lot of stuff at work.

•  I am a workaholic

As I copied assignments, muddled my way through last minute assignments, barely competed projects and generally lazed my way through engg college, I never realized that I liked work. Until the fatal night when I had an epiphany….I am a workaholic. I stay up regularly past 1pm to finish my office deadlines, work on weekends without a “proper boss” to keep tabs on me. And I seem to do all this because I want to…Someone please call a psychiatrist…