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Posted October 30th, 2008 by Deepa and filed in Food, Travel
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We just returned from a wonderful mini vacation trip to Glacier, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Parks with family.  As is the norm, I was sorting and uploading the wonderful photographs that Seejo took with our new Nikon Digital SLR camera, I noticed something unusual.  There was just one photograph of a food item— definitely unusual by our standards.  A tall glass of purple colored huckleberry lemonade that we had at the Huckleberry Patch in Montana.

For us, one of the yardsticks for a successful trip is being able to sample a new cuisine or an mouth-watering dish at an unexpected location.  We have actually considered a trip to New Orleans for being able to eat the famous charbroiled oysters at Dragos in New Orleans.  Our mouth still waters at the thought of the grilled shrimp that we polished off at Wahini Surfer’s Grill at Outer Banks, NC.  Despite having our fill of lobsters in Maine, what I remember is the wonderful egg-vegetarian breakfast (chilled melon soup garnished with bright yellow nasturtium flowers, warm pear almond bread and wonderful omlettes)  that was served at the OceanSide Bread and breakfast Inn at Schoodic Peninsula.  I still recommend to out of town guests to visit Buddy’s at Annapolis just to have some outstanding crab –both crab cakes and bisque .

I know that when I next go to Austin to meet family, I will insist on having the spicy fish tacos from Taco Deli , when I go to Philadelphia I will make a stop at the Jim’s steak house to have the famous Philly Cheese Steak and when I travel to Chicago, I’ll be buying some Garret’s cashew nut popcorn.

I don’t know the point of writing all of this. All I know, I am eagerly waiting for my next trip—to explore a new place and to discover a delicacy that I have not yet tasted.