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Around the World in Seven Days!

This week I prepared seven different dinners– each one from a different country. I made everything from scratch and this is how it all turned out.

DSCN0133Last Sunday, I prepared my version of a dish from Mexico — chicken tamales with black bean salsa.

DSCN0139Monday,  we traveled to Italy when I made  ravioli from scratch with two different kinds of filling– lobster and sweetpotato. I paired it with sauteed mushrooms and bell-peppers and served it with saffron tomato sauce.

DSCN0147Tuesday,  we jumped to neighbouring France with savory crepes with spinach and mushroom filling with sour cream sauce .

DSCN0154Wednesday, we had a hearty bowl of spicy Thai noodle soup with baby corn and sugar snap peas

DSCN0172Thursday, the menu was Mediterranean inspired with  apricot cinnamon chicken with couscous sprinkled with almonds and golden raisins.

DSCN0178Friday, it was time to visit Japan with some delicious sushi

DSCN0167Saturday, we reached back home to India with chapatis, rice, matar paneer and simple tadka dal.

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    oh my … looks very tasty !!!!!

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