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Seejo came on Friday night and promised to take me somewhere .I wanted to go to West Virginia and Friday night was spent in searching for “west
Virginia Attractions” (at least that was what I typed in at google!)

But come Saturday morning aur kahani mein Twisssht! I must mention here for those unaware that I recently purchased a cell phone. I really never felt that I “needed” one and so the main reason I purchased one was that Seejo told me he will put it on his plan (share a plan) (that he will pay the monthly bill or that anyway his office pays for the phone bill !) Also around that time came an offer which cut the
cost of the phone by half .A 100$ mail in rebate…. So all in all great incentives to buy a cell phone!
Thought over it ….I had to spend only 100$ ..not bad I thought for a cell phone…
Bought the cell phone……
Now here starts the saga….

I was told before sharing a plan we must start off with one individual plan to get the mail in rebate …Ok I thought that’s just one month so 40$ dollars to pay..

I didn’t calculate the activation fee( another 40) and a host of other small fees which added up to a hefty amount…

Next, turned out that I had to activate the phone by a certain date to get the mail in rebate…and I didn’t! The salesman didn’t tell us and we didn’t read the fine print! Decided must call up the phone ppl and fight for this ….Deputised Seejo to do the fighting ( anyway he bought it didn’t he??!!)
Anyways back to that eventful Saturday morning.I get a message on my cell saying your time is almost up!
Me all aghast ,,,,I never spoke that much did I? 1500 minutes in 15 days!!! Not me!

I called the phone to check the remaining minutes …plenty left then what was the problem ……Apparently I had used 400 minutes of roaming talk time which is charged at around 40c a minute ..Which works out to be $160 ..What the @$!@$
So we call up the Sprint ppl and yell at them ..They say go get the phone checked ..Where I ask ……”Richmond” they reply! Good lord now how will I get there on a weekday to get it checked??? Well not their problem!

And for good measure they add another piece of news..If I shift on to another plan that means cancellation of this plan which means a 150$ fine!! Now me have to pay 40$ every month or a 150$ to shut this plan .And yes Seejo’s company says they will pay his phone bills only if we enroll in their plan! Wow!!

And that too a defective phone which charges me roaming rate and does not mention it is roaming…

Thee I was with a phone I expected to pay a flat 100$ and thank you very much…

Called up Seejo ..to yell at him,,,,,( had to yell at somebody!)

Seejo tired of the phone business already…tell me throw it away

And that’s what I did ….

Phone resting at the bottom of the trash-bin now!



P.S. Didn’t go to West Virginia….Went to Richmond…instead!

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