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Birds in Botswana and South Africa

I have another post to describe the animals that we saw on the safari, but I thought I should show you the  bird life that we encountered.  Needless to say, variety abounded.   I have tried to name all the species that we saw but I am sure I have a few wrong. I’ll try and update as I get more information.


1. Spotted Eagle Owl 2. Black-collared Barbet 3. African Scops Owl

4. Pied Kingfisher 5. Bateleur Eagles    6. Crested Barbet

7. African Pied Wagtail


1. Egyptian Goose 2. African Jacana 3. Yellow-billed Egret

4. Marabou Stork 5. Saddle-billed Stork 6. Hammerkop & Great Egret

7. African Darter


1. SouthernYellow-billed Hornbill 2. White-browed Coucal 3. African Fish Eagle

4. Lilac-breasted Roller 5. Fork-tailed Drongo 6. Gray Heron

7. Red-billed Hornbill


1. Crested Barbet 2. Blacksmith Lapwing 3. Red-billed Oxpecker

4. European Roller 5. Helmeted Guineafowl 6.White-fronted bee-eater

7. Glossy Starling 8.White-headed Vulture 9. Starling

(Thanks to Deepak Narayanan, for confirming my identifications!)

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    Nice collages…

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