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Goodbye 1800 JPA

season summerToday is moving day. After 2 years of staying in Apt # 52 , my lease ends. I have spent the last couple of days packing my clothes, my books, my knickknacks. In the course of two years my room had become a comfortable place to be. Every item had its own place, some by choice and some by chance. As each item gets packed away my room slowly is getting a bare look. All my wall hangings, posters,  key- chains and mementoes of the various places I have visited are packed away in a suitcase. My wardrobe is empty, the clothes are already in suitcases. The biggest challenge was to pack my books. Two cardboard cartons, a suitcase and an airbag are filled with books. Suddenly the room, which was cosy and homely, looks bare and cold .

It was my first house: MY house…and now its time to say good bye. I’ll be staying here just for a few more days while I complete my Masters.


seasonfallI guess I am having a writer’s block….I wrote this 2 hours ago and now can’t think of anything else to write….Probably comes from the fact that I have written 90 pages of my thesis in the past couple of weeks. There is nothing that stems your imaginations and arrests your creativity as much as a piece of scientific literature…Measure your words ,re-read them, re-word them, re- arrange them…till the whole thing looks impersonal and something that another person has written.

Or it is the lack of topic to write on. My daily routine has simplified….Lab does not take up much of my time…All I do is write the thesis and train a new student to take over my work when I am done. And I swim every evening….One of the changes associated with a roommate who is a guy. Much more exercise….I swim at least thrice a week, have played golf, done canoeing and kayaking. I also see a lot of movies. With both Atha and me having the ability to enjoy any crappy hindi movie , we watch a fillum every night. Its almost always Hindi till Subha puts her feet down and then we watch an English movie….And we have these long late night chats…Atha, Subha and I or sometimes just Atha and I about everything in the world…..

seasonwinterI know I am having a lazy lazy life…..I have a feeling it is the calm before the storm though.. There are just 24 days left for my thesis defense and then I am sure everything is going to happen in a fast forward mode…Can’t wait for the climax…

I guess it is time for you guys to write in and let me know how you are doing…..


· The Inner courtyard : Collection of stories by Indian women authors · The left hand side of darkness : Ursula LeGuin. ( I have never read much sci-fiction….however I think its time to start. Am really enjoying this one)


· Devdas .. grand sets, beautifully choreographed dances, two beautiful actresses……It was not that bad as I thougt it would be. I was expecting another Ashoka but the director was wise enough to limit Shahrukh’s scenes which I thought made the movie bearable
· The Vagina Monologues ( The girl at Blockbuster told me “It’s a great show….makes you feel oh so good that you are a woman”. She was right…I loved it

· Run Lola Run : German movie…a sort of Sliding Doors like story….

Bunch of hindi movies ( Kya Dil ne kaha, Shaheed, Badhai ho badhai, Hum Kise se kam nahi) each one worse than the last.


Just a bunch of Bollywood movie sites I check in occasionally for reviews and gossip.

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