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Hap Hap Happy Week

Punctuality was never one of my better virtues so i am not going to bother to apologise for a late post …… However i have one hell of an excuse….

So tell me guys how do these sentences sound …..??

Dear Ms. Narayanan,

We are pleased to inform you that your paper “Analysis Of Position-Dependent Compton Scatter In Scintimammography With Mild Compression” has been accepted for presentation at the 2002 IEEE Medical Imaging Conference (MIC)

Compared with……

Congratulations Deepa…you did a great job for your Masters defense. We think you you have done a lot of work and your presentation was clear and confident.

Or this…

Dr. Weinberg and I finally discussed and resolved all issues. I will e-mail you an offer letter by 5:00 pm today.

During the past two weeks i heard all these statements…My cup of joy truly runneth over….

My paper has been accepted for a conference. I defended my Masters thesis …successfully too and i got a job offer. It was the interview that i described in my last mail….The position is sort of like post doc (read lots of work on a low salary 🙂 ) at Fox chase Cancer Center with three months training at Bethesda,MD .The best part is it is hardly 10 minute drive from Seejo’s house so I am even more thrilled…The nature of work is pretty similar to what i have been doing so far. They do mammography too however with a PET detector.

Right now i am hovering somewhere between seventh heaven and cloud nine….More when i hit terra firma…

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