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Career Woman

And thus ends my first week as career woman!! I almost feel like the little kid who come back from his first day at kindergarten, excited about the new experience, only to be told that he has to repeat the routine for the next 10 years!! Only in my case go to work for the rest of my life!! Ugh ugh.

Just a little background about my company though….Its a small office (only 9 employees. including the consultants & me…) manufacturing PET detectors for mammography. My duties involve clinical trials for these detectors as well as image processing and analysis. The 9 employees include the President,5 technical people and the  office manager ( who is the only other female in the company!) and two technical consultants. Now out of the  technical guys…the two top guys (the ideas guy whose brainchild this is….and production in charge ) are the only Americans, the rest 4 are Russians and then there is moi! I am praying hard that there is no war between Americans and Russians…With an even division of both countries guess who would be caught in the middle !!

There is another area where I am in a kind of minority…Most of  the others have profusion of gray hair..They took me out for lunch the first day….With the Russian contingent yakking away in Russian and the top guys discussing their kids and takeover policies and market options I was left staring very intently at the chicken sandwich in my plate!

My daily routine the past few days have been to reach office at 9 ish. The first two days i spent trying to look busy reading some boooooring manuals and the next couple of days trying to look busy understanding some equally booooring code. Periodically i raised my head to the heavens and thanked all my previous bosses, Mark, Masand (from Harrison) and Raut (from Tata hospital) who trained me well in the art of “look busy while you do nothing”. Now that I have been given a task and the tools required to code it and a time frame to do it in …I have to start working from next week onwards! The office is still being set up ( they just shifted from an old office) so things are in a disarray…not even internet connection 🙁

I come home by 6 pm( thanks to Seejo who picked and dropped me this week) , go to my place or Seejo’s…browse the net, cook food, see TV, read a book and keep wondering about “Is there some deadline tomorrow that i am missing” or ” Is there anything that I HAVE to do for Mark”. Then I remind myself that there is no Mark to meet the next day !! Come 11 o clock then its bed time! Hows that for a boring routine?? If thats a sign of what is in store for me….I am going to consider a Ph.D(if it wasn’t for the thought of the big bucks that would trickle into my bank account twice a month..)

The weekend was better, For Atha, Subha and others drove up from MD and I went to DC with them. …Was so glad to see some other familiar faces besides Seejo ‘s 🙂

The weekend is almost over now. Well tomorrow is another week….


Peaches in Plum : Collection of stories from P.G.Wodehouse…featuring female characters!

Butter Chicken in Ludhiana: Story of the stories in small Indian towns….(Still reading ..pretty good so far!)


Chicken soup for the soul: For those who liked the series here is a list of more feel good stories

Chicken poop for the soul: and If that caused you is the cure


Bend it like Beckam: Finally saw the movie…Giggled away through the entire was outrageously funny

Beautiful Mind: ok ok i know i am seeing it a bit late..but better late than never??

Soch : It was advertised as a psychological thriller. It was more like a mental torture…

Enjoy your week people!!

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