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Annika’s Syllabus.

IMG_0305Annika attends Childrens’ Manor Montessori School and has been doing so since she was 5 months old. She is now 3.  I confess that I am totally ignorant about Montessori curriculum so I have no idea how well they follow it at her school.  However I am flabbergasted at the kind of things that forms Annika’s syllabus. Apart from the usual letters & numbers & colors & months of the year – here is a smattering of the things that Annika learnt in school this year:

Geography :  Georgraphical landforms such as islands, archipelagos, isthmus, straits, bays,IMG_0204 peninsula

World: European animals & minerals, Australian animals, South America food, sports and animals.

Science: Three states of matter. Experiments to prove that hot air expands and how plants absorb water


IMG_2753Famous Music Composer- The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss ·

Famous Artist- The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso ·IMG_2684

Famous Author- The Velveteen Rabbit by Margaret Williams ·

Monthly Poem- Groundhog Day by Lilian Moore o

History- We will learn about past presidents, as well as the current president

Spanish : Counting to 10

Are you as amazed as I am?

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