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Official Trips

Back from my whirlwind (and first!) official trip to North Carolina ( where I saw my first patient study) and then to Virginia ( where i attended my first IEEE conference).

The patient study was at Wake Forest University and went exactly as all patient studies go….Nothing works the previous night…the hardware conks off, the software hangs, the machine parts don ‘t fit and everything is a big chaos…Stay awake till late night fixing all the bugs and get up early early next morning ( it is curious that docs are early birds and engineers are night owls)
The patient study was interesting and luckily for her and unluckily for us the tumour proved to be benign.

Then drove up to Norfolk,Virginia with David and Irving to attend the IEEE -MIC conference. First thing we did was to go for the reception at the Nauticus…which had food and more food and still more food and an IMAX show..I had three posters in the conference. One as a first author, second as a second author and third from PEM Technologies. I was so thrilled to find my GUI up on the poster…Noticed that there were very few Indians in the Medical imaging field and those that were were in the field of image reconstruction .

I met Mark after a long time and there is something about him that still makes me feel awkward and gauche and like i have not been working the previous two weekends and he is going to yell at me for that..

Reached back late Thursday night . The rest of the group is still at the conference so here i am surfing away…..

Current activity : Trying to decide an apartment in Philadelphia
Current excitement: Counting days before leaving for India.
Current Reading: Red Earth and Pouring Rain
Current Tension: Should i buy a new car?

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