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Movies and Moi

I recently got a new TV and a DVD player, caving into pressure from Atha and Seejo who maintained that TV is thing that is required to complete the quartet of Roti Kapda aur Makan. I joined Indofilms, an online movie rental service to supply me with regular fims to watch. You can see two movies at any time and then return then in postage paid envelopes. The main reason I joined this is because right now I am “transportationally challenged” (difficult to get to an Indian grocery store regularly and also the pain of returning it within a day) and also ‘cos Indofilms has a large selection of both Hindi and Malayalam films the two languages I watch the most.

It is a different experience to watch a film all by yourself. Ofcourse it is a pity that you cannot remark on the film or laugh at it with anybody. But then again you can see any film that YOU want (provided you get it!) without consulting the wishes of various other people. Right now I am catching up on several old films that I simply didn’t get a chance to see.

The last two mcvies I saw was Jaan Baaz and Anubhav.
Jaan Baaz must have been an hep movie in its time. It starred the three top actresses of its time, Dimple, Sridevi and Rekha. Actually showed the hero and heroine indulging in premarital sex and what do you know…the heroine does NOT get pregnant. And it has an unconventional ending….the hero who has the heroine dies. And I got to see a Feroz Khan film…with typical dishoom dishoom and guns and “jhakaas” dialogues.
Anubhav : Basu Chatterji’s story of how an urban housewife decided to get the spark back into her humdrum married life only to encounter an obstacle in the form of her teenage infatuation. Tanuja looks great and acts even better. and do does Sanjeev Kumar. Read more about this in this column at rediff.

I am looking forward to seeing more of these old classics

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