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Marriage Blues

My cousin sister’s marriage has been fixed (on a tangent….why does a marriage fix seem like a match fix!!) .She is 4.5 years younger than me, even younger than my sister. In fact I actually remember the day of her birth. I can’t say it came as a shock ‘cos her parents were trying for a “suitable boy” since ages. But it does feel odd. Especially because I still think of her as a school kid ( the fact that she is 4’10” and tiny doesn’t help).

Of course my mom thinks I should get married too. Soon. She has been thinking about it for a good many years now. And she always has a host of “good reasons”. I have been avoiding the topic for a long time…Studies always proved to be a good excuse, research pressures worked well, career plans were next, job and visa tensions were taken advantage of ….all was fine till now. But now all these protective armors have given away leaving me vulnerable to more attacks on “I really think you should get married soon”.

The reasons she gives are the usual reason which any mother tells her kids :
You am not getting younger ( yeah!! i know that too… let me enjoy my life when i can!),
People are asking me ( that must be the worlds favorite reason…can’t bear to hear that)
Its time ( time…time for what???)

I tried several tactics till now to avoid this ……….
PLEADING: I am just a kid aren’t I??
HUMOR ATTEMPT: Tell people i am a lesbian…they probably won’t be interested in knowing more
REASONABLE: Haven’t I managed my life great till now ..have a job and a degree and all by my own efforts…doesn’t this prove I am capable of making my own decisions??
PRACTICAL: I don’t have the money to get married …need to save more
ANGRY: Stop hounding me about this. I DON’T want to…
EMOTIONAL: I call you once in a while and you make my mood off…by talking about this…..

Still I tell you nothing works…nothing at all….

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