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I got my H1 visa approved yesterday! Despite the rumors of indefinite delays in getting approved, and the scares of my application being rejected, I got my approval within 3 months. That saves me a major headache and it saves my employer an additional 1000$ for the visa expedition process.

Right on cue, INS made some more “Important Changes Affecting the Immigration Procedures for Foreign Nationals”. This includes personal interviews before stamping your passport and delays in obtaining an appointment for an interview and also delays due to the increased time required to issue a visa.

I am heaving a big sigh of relief at passing one stage of this ordeal. The visa procedures have become more and more convoluted and obscure each day. Most of them don’t make any sense anyway. Now every student on F1 or J1 is supposed to register in SEVIS, which keeps track of the individual’s movement anywhere within the US. New rules even include fingerprinting visitors!! I think soon there will be a day when all non-US people will be forced to wear a sign or carry an ID!

And my activities of the past week :


Golden Gate by Vikram Seth. A whole book in rhyming sonnets!! …and the book has a story one can relate to as well. Its easy to go off tangent when you write in verse but for most part Vikram Seth keeps to the story line. Must read ,IMO.


Bhoot : If you really want to be scared skip this one. The only moment I was scared in this movie was when I entered an almost empty cinema hall . Excellent performances, some great camerawork, a few good red herrings but overall disappointing. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was expecting something more ….

Websites :

Here is a bunch of websites if you are looking for something good to read online

Meghdootam : Variable standard of stories but some have its moments
MonsoonMag : I think it has been discontinued now ..but the archives have soem good reads
Stories from India : Excellent short stories all featuring Ranjini and Arjun . The author is a regular at Sulekha too
TopWrite Corner : Featuring budding authors from all over the world.
LittleMag : Excellent stories from some of the best writers in India

Enjoy!!! I know I will …. I am off to New Orleans for a conference :)

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