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When it Rains It Pours

This week was one disastrous week…Trouble started early on…Infact to be precise on Sunday morning. I woke up to find my entire closet (and I have a humungous walk in closet) had been converted to an extra shower facility. Water was pouring (not dripping, mind you) from the ceiling over the closet and the restroom and splashing everything that was in my closet. I am all for showers in these hot summer days But not at 5.45 on Sunday morning and certainly not in my closet.

We called the maintenance and luckily they arrived promptly. It transpired that the lady upstairs left the tap in her bathroom running all night long. It must have been a long time for the water to really pour into my house. The maintenance guys tried to soak up the water using their machines but the carpet was really drenched. Anyway it left me wet and dirty clothes because the water was pretty muddy after seeping thru the ceiling. And so I had to do about 4 loads of laundry before I got all my clothes cleaned.
Now the water has all dried up from the carpets leaving them with a musty stink!! I think the carpet needs more than a shower…it needs a shampoo

That kind of set the tone for the week… I expected a relaxed week. It was a short week with American Independence day on Friday. Also it was official year-end at my workplace so most people will be on vacation. Atleast that’s what I thought. Turned out the powers that were decided to crank up the act and schedule patients for both these days for our clinical study…..That left me with tons of work for two whole days. On Tuesday evening just as I had finished the entire scheduling, coordinating, booking rooms, ordering materials, instrument tuning rigmarole some officials here decided that things were moving too fast for them to handle and cracked the whip….Two whole days of work down the drain

The next day there was more bad news….My boss was returning home from work the previous night at 11 pm and he was mugged. Some kids were loitering about the dark parking lots in search of easy money found a victim. They broke his nose, hit him on the head and left him unconscious before pinching the few dollars he had. Poor guy was in the ER under observation for 12 hours and is even now in the hospital. Makes me a bit nervous too….it’s the same route that I take on my way home…ofcourse lot earlier than 11pm!! The terrors of urban Philly !

What a pathetic week…..” Crib crib crib crib ”……….As I have said before cribbing is a very cathartic experience 😉

Looking forward to the weekend . I am taking Monday and Tuesday off so it is a looong weekend and Going to Yellowstone National Park..Expect another travelogue when I get back!!


Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip Dick : Wanted to read Dick since I saw Minority report but due to the movie ,his books ere either over priced or unavailable. So androids was worh the wait. Interesting plot and very human characters in a story set in 2020.


Italian Job : Pretty tame for a heist job movie.
Chalte Chalte : Shahrukh suckes big time and the movie seemed to be exactly how it would be if one took Saathiya and made it very filmi. It had all the corny dialogues that characterise a shahrukh movie


AgencyFAQS and Maginida : If you are not in India and like me miss all the Indian ads on TV, here are a few sites to relive some nstalgic moments or catch up on the new Sachin Tendulkar Pepsi ad or Aaamir Khan Coke ad. Also here are some vintage ads, !

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