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Goodbye to another apartment

I wander around my apartment mentally checking off a list of “To Do” Items to be done before I finally leave Philadelphia to start my new job at Rockville , Maryland . . My days are filled with sorting, labeling, and backing up files at work followed by sorting, labeling and packing my personal artifacts at home. I look around my house…now scattered with packing tapes, cardboard boxes and bubble wraps. At one corner all my books are neatly packed into boxes and lined up by the wall. My wall hangings and delicate figurines that lined my showcase are all gently covered in bubble wrap and placed carefully in a box marked fragile. I am finally moving. It suddenly occurs to me that these two days are my last shot at independent living. Although I was getting bored of a solitary existence and getting weary of a long distance relationship, I was perversely pleased with my independent existence and took great pride in the fact that I was making it on my own.

It all seems to end now. For the next month I shall share accommodation at the house inhabited by Seejo and his two roommates, while apartment hunting for house for Seejo and me. From now on, there has to be another person to be consulted while arranging furniture, deciding on exact display location for my collection of key chains and I might even have to organize the closet space to hold both our clothes. From now decisions will be reached after discussions, actions and reactions will be examined and the twin bad words “adjustment” and “compromise” will rear its ugly head.

Oh well….I guess I am making a mountain out of a molehill…After all I am actually getting someone to do the dishes every night!

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