Culinary Treats from Home

Posted August 14th, 2004 by Deepa and filed in Food
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Just thought I would show you some the culinary treats we have been dishing up in our kitchen. Since both of us love cooking (and eating!) we try to experiment with various cuisines and dishes. I don’t have pictures of everything we cook., but here is a selection. Most of our food is North Indian, but some day we feel the need to reconnect to our Mallu roots and make some thing oh so Mallu. Here is one such day’s menu.

Mathanga (pumpin) curry

spinach sambar

vellarikka (indian cucumber) pachadi

kadachakka thoran

cherupayar (red moong) upperi

Some other days we play the American hosts and cook traditional american fare. This was our Menu this thanksgiving. We substituted the turkey with chicken for practical reasons ( we would never be able to finish the whole turkey between ourselves)

Roast Chicken

Cranberry Relish

Cold cucumber and walnut soup

Green beans almondine

Garlic mashed potatoes

Some other dishes selected at random

Baked Moroccan chicken with couscous

Tandoori chicken

My carrot dip

homemade fresh cinnamon bread

And here is something sweet to round this off with. A selection of our own desserts.

fruit compote with mango icecream

strawberry cake

banana nut bread

ras malai

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