And Once Again

Posted July 1st, 2005 by Deepa and filed in Personal
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Two years ago, when I was still a student at the University of Virginia I used to write a weekly mail to a few people chronicling my adventures for the week. As student life ended and working life fell into a mundane routine, I stopped these mails because after all there was no point in telling the world that I cooked methi-alu and that I discovered yet another new web-site for desi jokes on the internet. Work was interesting but I was not going to report the details there for obvious reasons!!.

Now about three years later, I feel like renewing the writing if only to create an online “pensieve” to prod gently so that it may reveal the name of the restaurant that served excellent kababs in Philadelphia and the way I rang in the new year in 2002. I have decided its time to stop thinking about these vignettes as a boring read for other people, but more as a means to record my own memories.

So here is to another beginning!!!

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