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Gray Days

I have horrible news. It has begun. It is the start of all bad things to come……

Let me tell you what I mean. The other day I was blissfully returning home after completing my grocery purchases for the week. I was feeling especially virtuous cos I had packed a whole supply of green vegetables and really cut back on the meat. Seejo was just about to start the car and before that he gave a casual glance towards me and remarked” Do you know you have a couple of white hairs?”. I dismissed it immediately…ofcourse with the sun angled so, its just a little tanned …and even if it is so its all because I have to live with you”. There, I thought that will shut him up!.

Not Seejo….He flipped down the car mirror and pointed it out to me. Yes there they were…two “silvery” threads….I did what I had to do….yanked them out….and examined them closely. The roots were still black….but midway they started changing color.

That was a few weeks ago. I had already dismissed the white hair as an aberrant incident, but I couldn’t do that any longer. For today, I found a few new white strands. With the amount of hair that I leave on the carpet every day and the few remaining aiming to turn their color, all I can say is that the future looks very very gray.

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