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Year End Summary : 2007

To continue the trend started last year, I present my highlights of the year 2007.

Discovery of the year: The romance with my work-place has finally ended. Although I continue to cherish my work, the all encompassing passion that I felt for the company has gradually faded. Like I explained to couple of my friends: “ The love has gone out of the marriage but we are still together for the kids ”.

Travels the year: Travels started slow this year, with almost no trips for the first half of the year, save a day trip to Maryland ‘s capital city- Annapolis . We more than made up for it in the second half of the year with a wonderful long weekend by the sea at Outer Banks, NC followed by a 4 day trip to Oregon and rounded the year off with a week-long RV trip to New Mexico and Arizona. October- November was the most traveled month of the year and included a quick trip to Austin for Michelle’s first birthday, a weekend trip to New Orleans (with a pit stop at Atlanta) for a friend’s wedding and the usual Chicago visit for the RSNA.

Achievement of the year: I finally completed compilation of our family tree….translating it from Malayalam and inputting all of the data into a family tree software. With some help from Seejo, we also launched the ( ) website. Although started in 2006, it was completed only in 2007!

Fresh Start of the Year: I have started studying again and am taking a few courses at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. It has been quite a process trying to manage both a hectic work schedule and coursework with regular projects, assignments and lectures. Especially if you have not been used to attending lectures for the last 7 years. But it is much easier to study something when you are actually “living” your education. I am almost having fun— except for the assignments!

Realization of the year: Last year in my twenties. Nothing more to say.

Summary: Could be better !

I wish all of you a wonderful 2008!

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