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Last Day at Work

Yesterday was my last day at Naviscan. I joined PEM Technologies fresh out of grad school. Over the past seven years, the company changed from PEM Technologies to Naviscan PET Systems to simply Naviscan, Inc. Colleagues have come and gone, The management has changed a few times.  I have grown from a college student who was awed that she could have a steady job into a workaholic who managed several projects.  I have gained recognition in my field and charted my career.  In these past seven years, I have moved from being a engineer to a physicist to a customer service manager to a programmer to a clinical study coordinator to an applications engineer to a data management position.  I have enjoyed every step of the way and met a few people whom I’ll always always look up to.


flower2I am looking forward to the next phase in my career.   These pictures are the the flowers I received from both Naviscan and the clinical department on my last day.

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