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Bubble Baths

Ok Ruby  this is for you….Unfortunately I couldn’t have a bubble bath at Sheraton…less time and weary limbs….but I had one once I reached Jayasree chechi’s place!! Just thought I’ll describe “my first bubble bath”!! ( you guys asked for a detailed mail and here you are ….!! don’t wince!)

The first thing I realized is that bubble baths are going to be a luxury not due to lack of time but lack of moolah! To get up a decent foam you half to empty like quite half the bottle of the soap solution and woh to apne ko parvedega nahi !! Anyway this time around Jayasree chechi did all the work of getting the lather …( I don’t know why the Americans haven’t invented a device to do that…you have to actually thrash about with your hands to whip up a decent lather!!….)Ok so there i was a few seconds later ..with my hair piled up ( as seen in all the movies, but not that elegant though!!) soaking blissfully in the tub..But I must say there is something about foam that makes one look quite sexy!!

Ok So there I was soaking away..with a book in my hand..unfortunately my cousin didn’t have “Elle” or the “Vogue” or some glamorous magazine so I had to make do with an “Archie comic” .what a pity!!  It kind of takes the charm away from the whole thing but AH! what cannot be cured must be endured….:-(

And yes one more thing was lacking ….the all important glass of wine!! Come what may …the next time I am going to make sure I have atleast a glass of orange juice with me….and the next time is going to be soon!!

I filched a couple of bottles of the bubble bath from the Sheraton!!

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