From Washington DC to Washington State

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PHOTOS: Seattle, Washington

SeattleRarely do Seejo and I have impromptu trips. So it was a unique experience when we decided to fly across the country to Seattle, Washington for the Memorial Day weekend.  The idea popped into our heads on Tuesday morning & before we knew it we were landing in Seattle on Friday evening. After completing the formalities required in renting a car, we headed off to straight to Kerry Park in downtown Seattle city to see what everyone was calling the “best view of the city”.

The park itself is a fairly small square of grass— hardly worthy of being called a “park”. However, it was clearly where some of the rich families of Seattle live: the houses were beautiful & built on a hill slope so that they all had a view of the Seattle skyline & the Elliott bay.  It was late evening when we reached there: many people were walking their dogs, children were scrambling up and down the stairs that led from the square of grass in the actual park area below to the view point above on the top.  At the view point, several photographers had mounted their tripods & were tinkering with their cameras and lenses while waiting for dusk to set in so that they could photograph the city lights.  As Seejo joined the group of photographers, I tried to forget my growling stomach by feasting my eyes on the city. The skyline is dominated by the Seattle space-needle which towers over the rest of the buildings in Seattle’s business district.  Far beyond the city and the blue bay, I could also see the outline of Mt. Rainier. Continue Reading »