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Ring out the Old, Ring in the New

At the end of every year, both the print and electronic news media publishes lists of the top events of the year 2006. I am doing something similar to give an update of the year that was 2006 .

Discovery of the year: This entire year can actually be summed up in one non exciting word: work. As, I have already exhausted this topic by droning in great detail about the calamities at my workplace on personal phone conversations, I am going to nip that right in the bud and say only that 2006 can be called the year in which Deepa discovered that she is a workaholic.

Surprise of the year: The surprise of this year was also one of the memorable events of this year, the birth of my niece Michelle. Seejo’s brother Antony and wife Teresa had an apple-cheeked little baby girl on November 6 2006.

Best month of the year: After several years of coaxing, my mother visited me for two months: August & September. It was two months of freedom from many responsibilities around the house, hectic traveling and old food favorites.

Travels the year: This years travel included a short trip to India with side trips to Mysore and Bangalore, Bombay and Pune, a cruise down the Kerala backwaters in a houseboat, three visits to San Diego, couple to visits to Austin, tourist attractions in an around the Washington DC area, yet another visit to Niagara falls ( this time from the Canadian side), a wonderful long weekend in Maine and spur of the moment trip to the casinos in Las Vegas & canyons in Utah.

Achievement of the year: This year’s proud achievement was a successful kitchen garden. Chillies, cucumbers, green beans, mint leaves, basil leaves, curry leaves & coriander all grew successfully throughout spring and summer in my deck behind the house.

Reunion : What happens when 10 old engineering school friends meet up after 7 long years? A big blast! Lots of fun times, new memories are made, old memories get wilder and all in all a fantastic weekend. And there was a realization that despite individual changes, and successful careers and “growing up”, put us all together and time rewinds back.

Summary : Not bad!

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