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Lost my voice

I HAVE LOST MY VOICE…. A terrible cold coupled with an irritant sore throat and aided by a unreliable workload has seen to it that the “voice” that characterized Deepa has changed from a impressive intonation to subdued squeak or even worse a unbelievable silence. Having lost the power to convey my all important feelings to the general public I have resorted to the task of email writing .For the internet requires no vocal cords and even a sound card is not mandatory to receiving mails!! The days are no doubt full, it being the final month before I become a 50% graduate in the eyes of the American public. The Indian education board granted me that title long back and the few Indians that know me well have even doubted the wisdom of such an action. Assignments have piled up, projects demand complete dedication ,presentations claim a few hours of my time ,classes require attendance and I need a break!! Still the think that keeps me going is that there is little more than a month before I can go back home. So I allow myself a few delicious moments of dreaming about “Once I land in Bombay…..” Newswise a pathetic week for nothing major happened other than what I chronicled at the start of this mail… Advisor is in a better mood nowadays and now that I have convinced him that my clock runs according to a nocturnal rhythm has acceded to my request to work at night and I am spared the torture of labwork at daytime  save a few day time lab meetings which I bear for the sake of the money my advisor puts into my bank account once a fortnight.

P.S.My throat definitely feels better now 🙂

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