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Home Sweet Home

Back to home sweet home…

It would be stupid to say that it is great being at home ..for everybody knows that ..still it is so great that it is worth a repetition. Its GREAT being back.

Actually after a few hours it didn’t seems as though I was ever away ..the 10 months in America simply faded away..Everything was so same..that It was difficult to visualize that I was ever not at home!!

Its nice to eat mangoes and drink rasna and kokum sherbet

Nice to eat food without worrying about cleaning up and washing dishes

Nice to meet all the people who come home to see you

Nice to have “jhi TV” blaring songs all day

Nice to go out in the colony

Nice to see haji ali

Nice to come back home at 11 pm and still find the streets teeming with humanity

Even nice to see the Muslim women in Kurla station with a horde of children.

Nice to hear a bus conductor comment sarcastically to a passenger

Its funny how quickly we adjust back to the routine that was once ours here…

How quickly I managed to walk on the roads here trying to edge away from the eve teasers…to sidle across once side or to side step the sly advances of a budding romeo..

Its easy to revert back to Hindi to talk to the bus conductors, shopkeepers etc

Easy to get back to bargaining with shopkeepers.

Easy to get back to chatting away on the phone with friends without worrying about the phone bills.


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