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A Mini Reunion


DSC_5430We had a mini-meet up with a few friends from our undergraduate engineering school last week at Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia.  The tulips were still in bloom, the gardens looked pretty, the fountains looked beautiful and we all had a wonderful time.  I am heavily borrowing from Sarika’s email to our e-group describing our get-together but here are the highlights of the trip.

It is always great to catch up with old friends, so that was undoubtedly high point of the entire trip.

  1. The tulip garden was extremely colorful and looked splendid. The photographers amongst us (Ashu, Seejo and budding talent Sarika) clicked a lot of photos.
  2. I got a completely unexpected (and rare) call from Vidya after a long time, so everyone got a chance to catch up with her as well.
  3. We stayed over at Ashu & Niral’s place on Saturday night, and were amazed by his exquisite works of art (they were too beautiful too be called mere photographs).  Ashu also regaled us with anecdotes of his second career as a photographer.
  4. Enjoyed watching Vania running around the house, and Pooja trying to be all mom-like!
  5. Started off the evening’s activities by Poker (Seejo & I were novices at this) but I managed well under the tutelage of Guru Amit. DSC_5172
  6. Poker was followed by Bluff. Before starting Ashu announced that he would win and Niral announced that she would lose and both went on to fulfill their predictions!  (If you predict that you would lose and you lose, do you actually win??)
  7. Ended the night with a game of Dumb Charades, with the girl’s side winning comfortably based on the strategy of providing  “one word hindi” movies titles for the guys to guess. But the toughest one was when Pooja offered “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” which proved to be a challenge that was too tough to overcome. Harshil has promised to faithfully monitor Pooja’s Netflix queue before the next meet up.
  8. We dispersed after lunch on Sunday but not before polishing off some delicious upma by Niral.


As the photos show, it was very beautiful and we laughed a lot.   To repeat Ashu’s catchphrase “Its all Good!”.

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  1. Anvita says

    I am absolutely loving reading yur blog and seeing your fotos….keep it coming babe….I guess i am gonna follow yur blog from now on….

    • Deepa says

      Thanks Anvita!

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