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Weekend Getaway: The Home and Farm Edition


Deep Creek Lake is a popular vacation spot situated in Western Maryland and offers something for every kind of visitor, be it water activities such as fishing or canoeing at the large man-made Deep Creek, hiking or camping in  the 5 or so  state parks in the region or simply relaxing in the many bed and breakfast inns in the area.  It is about a 2 hour drive from where we live, and when I was looking for a quick getaway location for the weekend, a colleague suggested this place.  We went to Haley’s Farm Bed and Breakfast Inn at Deep Creek,  a 65 acre farm that is managed by Pete and Bobbi Briggs.  Let me give you a little tour of the place where we stayed.


Our luxury suites were in a barn!   Despite the rustic exterior, the suites were ultra comfortable and very comfortable.    The view from the window of our suite was the real barn where 4-6  horses were tethered.  The main house was large and had a spa, a jacuzzi, a huge entertainment room with a decent video collection, lots of books and games. There was always some snacks to munch on and when we arrived on Friday night, we were greeted with a huge slab of gooey chocolate cake!


Behind the house was a little pond, stocked with some kind of bright orange colored fish.  There was a little seat , that was perfect for reading out in the open and I did take advantage of that while Seejo clicked photos around the farm.


Like this one with the horses


Or this one from the front of the house


The next day, after a delicious breakfast by Bobbi, we went up to see Falling Water. This is  a vacation home for a Pittsburgh based couple, the Kaufmans,  that was created by the noted American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s.  The house was created so as to appear as though it is a natural extension of the rocks in the area. It is built over a natural waterfall so that the sounds of water surround you inside, and everywhere you look, the view is gorgeous.


It is built around a waterfall and my favourite part of the house was that you could actually get down from the living room into your own natural swimming pool.  Wright created not only the house but also most of the furnishings inside such as dining tables, closets, bookshelves and writing desks.  The rooms were large & multi functional but the hallways were extremely narrow–scarcely more than the width of  a person.There was a large central room that was a multipurpose room consisting of the sitting area, the dining alcove, the music room and a study combined.   There were 4 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and each of the bedrooms had its own balcony or porch and in most cases, the porch was larger than the room it was attached to.


We also went to see another home created by Wright, called Kentuck Knob about five miles from Falling Water. This is presently owned by a British lord, Lord Palumbo.  Although this was not as dramatic as Falling Water, there were some nice architectural features such as this ceiling design used throughout the house to let it more light.  This motif was throughout the house, oonly the ceiling inside the house was covered by glass while the exterior was simply left open.


However what fascinated Seejo is not the house but the view from the garden around the house. The farm house below is the actual residence of Lord Palumbo, when they are in US. The bright colors fascinated Seejo and he was extremely trigger happy— shooting away at will.


That evening we went for a short hike to Swallow Falls National Park. We had a nice walk along the waterfall  and when we stopped for a break ,the water was icecold and refreshing , so I sat there for some time, dipping my feet in the water that was flowing briskly.


The next morning , after yet another scrumptious breakfast, a long soak in the tub, two movies back to back and a stroll around Haley’s farm we turned our way back home — refreshed and (almost) ready for the mundane daily chores and routine.

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