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Advisor went and changed Masters thesis topic for the nth time….

Decided to take a break and let him decide what he “really really “ wants me to do!! So came upon this site in an idle surfing spree and decided to play with words as my advisor plays around with my life!

Anyway scroll down to see your name in all its jumbled up glory….

Here is some Anagrams for you!!

Priti Sahasrabudhe : Is sharp but airhead
Aparna Sapre : Appear as ran
Vidya Venkatasubramani : Variant Abusive Mad Yank
Siddhi Shah :Did hashish
Pooja Gandhi: Oh! Adjoin gap
Pulkit Desai:Alike Stupid
Kunal Gandhi :Ugh! Anal Kind
Ninad Patenkar:Drank a neat pin
Ketan Mane:Meek an ant
Seejo Sebastine:I obese sane jest
Dwiti Narayanan:Award an inanity
Supriya Madangarli:I am a slurry and a pig

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